Naagin 7 Serial Cast, Twist, Story, Spoilers,and Latest News

Naagin Season 7  Release Date:

Naagin is a super hit Indian Hindi serial and this serial broke all the records of the Indian drama industry with its huge audience attraction and also with its story and actors performance. This serial was originally aired on Colours TV in November 2015. This serial was directed by a famous Indian director Santram Varma and the producers of this serial were Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor.

Naagin Season 7 Serial Cast With Real Names (Actors and Actresses) And Main Role

This serial gained more attraction because of all of its Cast performances that melted the hearts of the audience the first Naagin role was played by Mouni Roy and its actor is Arjun Bijani and Ada Khan. Because of these actors, this serial went to its peak. You can see many other stars from its various seasons that belong to the Indian drama industry.

Naagin Season 7 Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The story of the Naagin Season 7 serial melted the hearts of its audience with its unique theme of a Supernatural romance storyline. So the story of this serial begins with the life of a supernatural girl, Shivanya. She had the power to convert herself into a human being. Her parents were on a mission to protect the precious stone of snakes, Naangmari. Some people got knew about this news and they wanted that stone in any case. For that, they all together came out to trap that snake couple and then they killed them and stole Naangmari from them.

After that, their Lord of Snake sent their daughter, Shivanya to take revenge and Naangmari back from those people but she wasn’t clear about her parent’s killers. She just knew that they all have a relationship with Brar’s family and for that sake, she wanted to enter that family and take revenge on them. She accidentally married a son of that family, Kartik. After that, she started her revenge with the help of her cousin Shesha.

After some time, her husband who was a simple human fell in love with her without knowing the truth about her his behaviour also affected Shivanya and she was also melting for him. When she was close to completing her revenge her cousin also fell in love with Kartik and she wanted him too then she betrayed her and decided to remove Shivanya from Kartik‘s life and then become his future wife but all things changed when Kartik came to know about the reality of his wife, Shivanya. He really shocked about that news but he accepted the situation. He first refused to accept her but later he came back and stood up with her wife after some time, Shivanya got pregnant and then she had a daughter.

Naagin Season 7 Upcoming Latest News:  

To watch all upcoming episodes and news related to this serial stay connected and enjoy all of your favorites here yodesitvs. What comes next? But Shesha with some other remaining people tried to kill them and they succeeded in all this after that they died together and their daughter was a mystery to them and then their story ended with their death of them and then their daughter’s story began.