Katha Ankahee

Katha Ankahee is a popular Hindi Romantic action TV drama that was released in December 2022 on Sony Entertainment Channel and is also present on Sony LIV. This serial is a Hindi version of a Turkish Drama One Thousand and One Night and that serial also came from Arabic drama. This serial was directed by Inder Das and Ravi Bhushan and its producer is Sunjoy Waddhwa.


The story begins with a widow who lost her husband in a car accident and everyone gets separated from her and her son. Her name was Katha Singh, Her son suffering from cancer and he needed immediate treatment. For Katha Ankahee , she went to her Boss Viaan who was a successful business, and borrowed some money from them. Viaan hates women because of his past experiences and he thinks all women are alike.


Watch this serial on Sony TV and online on our website yodesitvs. Her boss Viann demanded that if she spent a night with him then he would give her all the money and then she used this money for the treatment of her son after realizing his mistake he came to her house and apologies for this behavior. What will happen? Stay connected with us .