Chookar Mere Mann Ko

Chookar Mere Mann Ko is a popular Hindi TV series that premiered on DD national television in India. This serial received a lot of attention because it was broadcast on the government’s national channel in India. The main focus of this series is to communicate the idea of growing disparities between the Indian citizens of Mumbai and Delhi. This series was directed by Rahul Battm and starred Roshni Sharma and Samiksha Singh.


The story of Chookar Mere Mann Ko begins with three country girls named Pari, Tiya, and Alvira. She moved in pursuit of a better lifestyle and an opportunity in Mumbai, where they might realise their ambitions. They had to confront many problems in Mumbai because the people there had separate ideas and judged others harshly. They met an elderly couple who offered them the opportunity to live in their home for rent. Following the loss of their son, the elderly couple now lives alone.


A businessman wanted to buy that house, but it was the old couple’s only asset, so they refused to sell it, but the businessman wanted it anyhow, so he pushed them. To see what happens next. Stay in touch with us through our website yodesitvs and enjoy.