Ikk Kudi Punjab Di

The modern Indian TV show ” Ikk Kudi Punjab Di” began circulating the world on November 13, 2023, on Zed TV. Zee5 has the advanced gushing rights for this arrangement as well. This sentimental adored story on TV was cherished by watchers because of its curious story and incredible acting. Morani’s Brother made and oversaw this TV appearance.


This arrangement is based on Punjabi culture and concepts. The story of the Ikk Kudi Punjab Di serial is about a young lady named Heer who accepts that everybody has extraordinary experiences. She was an awfully devout and humble young lady who used to go to the Gurudwara to implore, but after being abused by some individuals, she halted accepting such things. The most important individual in this story, Ranjeet, spares the young lady from all the terrible things happening to her and they begin their cherished story.


Ranjeet hitched her to secure her notoriety since individuals thought she was dependable for everything that happened. In any case, Ranjeet keeps her secure. You can find out about all the new surprises and episodes of this show for free by checking our website yodesitvs.