Dhruv Tara

The new Indian TV show Dhruv Tara – Samay Sadi Se Pare started on Colours TV on February 27, 2023. It has an interesting story. You can watch this TV show later on JioCinema. This show explores classic themes from the past, with an exciting story full of suspense, love, drama, and creativity. Pushkar Pandit and Vaibhav Singh directed this show for Shashi Sumeet Production. Sumeet and Shahi Mittal also made it.


The serial’s story begins in the 17th century when Commander Samrat Singh wanted to become a king. In Dhruv Tara story He did many bad things to achieve his goal. He got people to help him murder someone, and he poisoned his food to try to win. After he ate his lunch, King passed out. Her daughter Tara took care of him while she worked to find a cure. The commander killed every doctor who came to see the king.


Samrat wanted to marry Tara and make her the queen, but Tara never agreed to his plan. What happens next? You can see all the new episodes and surprises by visiting our website yodesitvs often.