Bhagya Lakshmi

The Indian TV show Bhagya Lakshmi on Zee TV became very popular because it had a unique story and an interesting way of telling it when it first aired in August 2021. You can watch this show on Zee5 at a later time. The actors in this TV show impressed the audience with their performance. Sanjay Satavase is in charge and Ekta Kapoor is responsible for managing the money.


The show is about a girl who doesn’t have a lot of money and she gets married to a man who is very rich to make her family happy. In Bhagya Lakshmi story, She soon finds out that her mother-in-law was happy about the marriage because she believed that Lakshmi would bring her good fortune. She thought things would improve after the divorce, so she asked her son to start the process. But a year later, after Lakshmi was hurt by Rishi’s friend, she fell in love with her husband.


Because Rishi’s wife came from a small family, her mother-in-law didn’t let her stay in the house, and their lives changed a lot. In any case, Rishi stayed with her and they got even closer. What takes place after that? Have fun and keep checking our website yodesitvs to view each episode.